Leaders have to make difficult decisions everyday, decisions that can impact their employees’ personal life. With the “Safer at Home” order, companies had to quickly consider how to continue operation while keeping the employees health and well-being a priority.

It may be unfortunate for companies to close their business and lay off their employees. For those unemployed, this is an opportunity to build personal brand and find the internal drive to leave a legacy beyond the company, family, and community.

Braindom is constantly looking for growth opportunities, not only as an organization, but as individuals within the organization. Constant improvement of self-awareness and being in uncomfortable situation will require high challenge and high support from leadership to be an organization of liberators.

From administration staffs to the top leadership teams, awareness of natural tendencies and communication style is highly encouraged. By allowing and encouraging individuals to take ownership of their role, their personal development, and their contribution to the organization, they are gaining transferable skills and creating their own reputation at work.

A proud achievement at Braindom is when the quietest team member voices their opinion and influences the group. This did not happen overnight, starting with the permission to make mistake and improve, confidence began to evolve over time. When opportunities arise for individuals to speak up, the quietest member will be asked to share before the group gets swayed towards one direction. Team members learned that the lack of information or too much information can cause frustration and confusion amongst the group. By understanding the audience in the room and how information is received and processed, the message is delivered in a concise manner to get majority onboard. Not only has this skill helped in the workplace, this also helped at home and in the community.

What transferable skills are you learning or teaching?