Braindom is shifting company culture to be more people-centric, through a sustainable People Operating System that will unlock the potential of people.

Our facilitators are certified consultants for GiANT Worldwide, a global company dedicated to leadership transformation through intentional apprenticeship.  GiANT has taken their best practices from serving thousands of clients like Delta, Pfizer, Chick-fil-A, and the US Air Force, and created a simple and repeatable system to make sure that everyone in the organization is unlocked to do their best work.

Through GiANT’s data-driven system, the simple process is a way to have high-performing teams and a healthy workplace culture.

Our operating system provides assessments and sustainable tools to help your organization optimize productivity and resources.

Our Process:

Step 1: Free Self-Learning

Free Self-Learning on GiANT’s platform with over 60 visual tools.  Below are hand-selected topics with tools to start unlocking your fullest potential. 

Step 2: Free 5 Signature Voices Bootcamp

Schedule your free 90-minute
5 Signature Voices Bootcamp for your organization to experience GiANT’s Invincible Operating System with our certified consultant.

Step 3: Personalized Team Kick-off

Based on your Team’s Assessment in 5 key areas that indicate the health and performance of a team or organization, we will know where to focus our efforts to truly unlock the potential of your team.


5 Voices Team Dynamic

Discover your team’s Signature Voices and preferred communication style. Based on your team member’s assessment, our team will share your team dynamic and tools to have an instant impact on performance.

Redefining Women’s Liberation

It’s time to call women up! Learn the tools to gain a new perspective for women in leadership and how to overcome self-preservation.

Team’s Engagement

Learn how to engage with your team’s preferred communication style to bring the best out of ALL Voices and increase your team’s potential. 

Liberating Voices

Learn the framework to understand how to empower ALL voices on your team and bring true liberation to your teams and organization. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Gain insights and practical tools to include and value ALL voices. Learn how to fight for the highest good of EVERYONE in our lives. 

Be Present and Productive

Learn the tools of 5 Gears to be productive AND present in all relationships, professionally and personally. With the common language, your team can minimize wasted time and maximize productivity.

Free 5 Signature Voices Bootcamp

Contact us for a free 90-minute 5 Signature Voices Bootcamp for your organization to experience the Operating System with our certified consultant.

Our certified consultant will show you and your team the dynamics of your team based on your team member’s assessment. Your team will be introduced to 3 GiANT tools:

  1. Maximizing Team Performance
  2. The 5 Voices
  3. The 5 Voices Dynamics.

Schedule your free 5 Signature Voices Bootcamp to experience our Sustainable People Operating System for your organization…

…to be genuine and a safe place for ALL voices to bring their best
…to build relationships with people that can take the team/organization to the next level
…to take care of people and resources to be good stewards

Personalized Team Kick-Off

Based on your Team’s Assessment in 5 key areas that indicate the health and performance of a team or organization, we will know where to focus our efforts to truly unlock the potential of your team.

From your Team’s Assessment in 5 key areas that indicate the health and performance of a team or organization, our certified consultant will introduce the personalized toolkit to bring clarity to the team’s area of improvement, how motivated the team is to change, and a simple action plan to improve the lowest score.

We are here to optimize your training budget, increase employee productivity, and establish an inclusive workplace for sustainable growth.

Schedule a call with our consultant to personalize your operating system.

We’re here to build relationships!

If you choose to partner with us to implement a personalized people operating system for your team or organization, we are with you every step of the way!

The Assessment provides you with an accurate view of your team and organizational health and our certified consultant will incorporate the Toolkit in each session to strengthen your scores. The regular assessment can help track the progress of your team or organization’s development, which increases productivity, improves workplace culture, helps your bottom line, and much more.

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