How does an organization maintain their enthusiasm during a storm of endless uncertainties?

The attitude and enthusiasm to grow the organization to serve more people will inspire and excite individual to contribute for the greater good.

Once we accept our challenges and tackle it with enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity, the mindset shifts from survivor mode to thrive mode. The vision and community impact becomes clearer and more defined when the leadership team is in a thriving mode. Below are 3 examples of how the leadership can help the organization be in thrive mode during this storm.

1. Employers should adjust their communication and leadership style to help the team be aware of their natural tendencies under stress. With the overall awareness of the teams pattern, the leadership team will know how to navigate through and know when the provide support and challenge. As we become more aware of our surroundings, we also become more intentional with our actions, and reactions.

2. By showing empathy and compassion for individuals within the organization, employees will feel valued as a person and will be more productive. During this current environment, employees want to know that there are procedures in place and resources available to maintain the safety of their health and their family’s health.

3. Everyone faces different challenges when working from home, and we want to liberate our team to be there for their family and the community the organization serves. Leadership team can help alleviate the anxiety by clarifying the responsibilities and role of each team member.

The difference between a thriving and surviving team is influenced by the leadership team overseeing the team or organization.

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