Leading and motivating the team is a challenge, especially with the new adjustments of working from home.

It has been over a month since the world shifted virtually and people are social distancing. There have been constant learning everyday within our team and how we serve our current clients and community. We learned that it requires more self-awareness and emotional intelligence to maintain consistency and engagement within the team. Due to a variety of distractions with the “Safer at Home” order, it is getting more difficult to stay focus and maintain consistency of mindset and attitude.

As a way to stay focused and be aware of our natural tendencies, we are in constant communication with the team to understand their individual needs and how we can help. We learned that the extrovert team members are struggling more than the introverts due to the physical distancing. As a solution, we have social virtual events, such as virtual happy hour or game night. These social events have helped the extroverts recharge and socialize with others.

Although we have shifted our company virtually, we continue to make people our priority and reallocated our resources to support our team from a distance. Everyone is going through the same storm, but everyone is having a different experience, which requires different support and guidance.