Inclusion and diversity are not the same things. 

Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.

– American activist Verna Myers.

The workplace of the (near) future will be more diverse, inclusive, and representative of society. Not because it is trending, but because the world is changing and affecting the workplace. 

With the use of remote work devices and software, companies can now adjust their remote work policies. As a result, companies are accepting a wider pool of candidates to attract the best talent and industry specialists no matter where they live. 

Diversity fuels innovation and creativity leads to better financial performance and is an opportunity to unite people with all their differences. Diversity of candidates is one step in the right direction, the next is to ensure the company has inclusive practices to support their employees.

Diversity and inclusion are still barriers to progress in many workplaces however, in the coming years, it is predicted to become one of the top priorities for companies. In fact, within a year (September 2019-September 2020) Indeed’s job postings related to diversity and inclusion rose by about 56%.

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