We hire people for their strength and their potential contribution to the company’s overall vision. Steve Job said it best, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

We recently hired a couple of new team members with the strengths and qualities we needed to grow to the next level. As we continue to shift to the digital world, we had to admit that certain areas in the business needed more focus and resources than others, such as the Public Relations department. As a result, we hired the right people for the right position as a way to maximize the highest capabilities and potentials to grow the company.

Through one of our internal leadership training, we learned an effective way to introduce new team members to make them feel welcomed and for current team members to feel secured and valued. The leadership team starts with the company’s mission and values, then leading into the introduction of the new team members’ qualities, strengths, and how they will contribute.

After sharing the big picture of where the company is headed and the current landscape of the company and the people we serve, we allow time for questions and comments. We understand the amount of uncertainties and insecurities in the current economic situation, we highly encourage any form of open dialogue to help us minimize the anxiety and be more focus in our daily activities as a team. We have present and future thinkers in our company, so everyone has a different perspective of the current situation. Even though everyone is going through the same storm, the diverse outlook on the situation helps us understand each other better and how to become a stronger team.

The people is what makes us successful, and we constantly find opportunities to show gratitude and appreciation, whether it’s by listening to feedback or providing resources. Sometimes small actions and being intentional goes a long way.