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The reality is that companies provide leadership training grouped into a generalized system with biases that conflict with nature or cultural lense. The results render our career growth ineffective and perpetuate the glass ceilings for our professional career. It is more apparent when we’re trying to move our titles upward into management roles. We see a lack of commensurate executive-level representation relative to the majority workforce. We will engage in East vs West leadership cultures that affect our ability to influence. This program is designed specifically to provide leadership training we need with contextualization to provide support specific to our culture so that we can overcome our own barriers. We will break through our limiting beliefs, unconscious bias, and ceilings so that your authentic voice will be heard. 

Healthy Culture and Healthy Leadership is the ByProduct of Diversity Equity & Inclusion.

Join us on the path to self-awareness into diversity awareness,

so you can impact the performance for your organization.

Culture change to be more harmonious and collaborative requires time.

This is not a one-time ‘check the box’ training, it is an on-going, interactive approach to integrate inclusive leadership culture into your day-to-day.


The Path

The leadership journey we take is likened to climbing a mountain. Leaders worth following is a difficult task. That is why we need each other. Let us be your guide!

The Guides

You will have access to 450 global coaches and consultants! GiANT Experts will be your guide through your path. Your leadership landscape will become clearer and your trek will be easier with a guide.

Joanne Giang

GiANT Expert

Maria Guy

GiANT Expert

Suzi Lantz

GiANT Expert

Abraham Gin

GiANT Expert

Dan Deeble

GiANT Expert

Chandra Jarrett

GiANT Expert

Join Other Employees

Who Have Navigated This Journey!


This process liberated me by providing the necessary tools to be aware of my natural leadership voice, as well as addressing my tendencies that were limiting me from becoming more influential. This led to more effective 1:1s with my manager, where we had stronger alignment on expectations, mentorship on how to bring out the best in myself, and even helped lead to promotion later that year.


Before, I was all over the place and very much a heavy set. Now that I have pretty much completed the second cohort, I have lost 25 pounds, and have completed my prerequisite coursework for a nursing program.


The coaches showed that they are living what they’re teaching and they genuinely wanted to help me understand the tools and how to apply them.  It was a safe space to learn and grow alongside individuals who were embarking on the same journey. I’ve found the partnership, the guidance, and the support that I was looking for!


The coaching directly impacted my actions at work and influenced my interactions with my team. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to continue to develop themselves and others. I think everyone would be better for having attended and taken the materials to heart. 

Our Process


How this works

Included is access to our partner’s video library on GiANT TV. In your own time, you will navigate through a short, self guided course of study. Comprising short videos and simple worksheets, you can watch as many times as you want, when you want. You will also have access to 100’s of leadership videos to provide additional support through this journey. The goal is to have a background on the information.

After watching the videos, you will join a Live Module Review Training Session to review the material taught. Through this interactive webinar, you are encouraged to ask the instructor questions to test your understanding of the leadership skills so that you can begin to benefit from them. The goal here is to start applying the information.

Before the next module, join a Live CORE Group coaching session to gain success using these skills. A Certified GiANT Facilitator will work through participant’s leadership challenges applying the module lesson into transformative results. The goal here is to successfully apply the information.

Our Path

Let’s get started!


We are proud to have you join and be a part of this program that has impacted 100’s of participants across the United States, Canada, and Asia. During the Orientation Session, you’ll get a chance to meet your cohort members and learn how to engage in the Asian Leadership Program. You will see how to get the most out of the program and get answers to your questions so you can begin confidently.

NAAAP-KC COHORT ORIENTATION | Join Us On July 7, 2021, 5-6 pm CST Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 210 261 3985

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Week 1July 14, 20215-6 pm CSTModule 1
Week 3July 28, 20215-6 pm CSTModule 2
Week 5August 11, 2021 5-6 pm CST Module 3
Week 7August 25, 2021 5-6 pm CST Signature Voice
Week 9September 8, 2021 5-6 pm CST Module 4
Week 11September 22, 2021 5-6 pm CST Module 5
Week 13October 6, 2021 5-6 pm CST Module 6
Week 15October 20, 2021 5-6 pm CST Module 7
Week 17November 3, 2021 5-6 pm CST Module 8
WeekDateTimeCore Group
Week 2July 21, 2021 5-6 pm CST CORE 1
Week 4August 4, 2021 5-6 pm CST CORE 2
Week 6August 18, 2021 5-6 pm CST CORE 3
Week 8September 1, 2021 5-6 pm CST Signature Voice
Week 10September 15, 2021 5-6 pm CST CORE 4
Week 12September 29, 2021 5-6 pm CST CORE 5
Week 14October 13, 2021 5-6 pm CST CORE 6
Week 16October 27, 2021 5-6 pm CST CORE 7
Week 18November 10, 2021 5-6 pm CST CORE 8


MODULE #1 | 100x Tools Part 1

1) Raising awareness through mindset of health and uncovering unconscious biases of leadership culture and styles.
2) Giving unbiased feedback and performance evaluations and creating a culture of psychological safety.
3) Developing tools of resilience and managing conflict with respect and value of the diversity of voices.

STEP 1: Watch on NAAAPtv
Session #0: Welcome to Basecamp: A Baseline for Your Energy & Direction (36 min total)
Session #1: The Peace Index: A Baseline for Your Health & Motivation (15 min)
Session #2: Support/Challenge: Tendencies with Your Family & Team (15 min)
Session #3: Support/Challenge: Tendencies with Your Self-Leadership (15 min)

STEP 2: Join a Live Module #1 Review

STEP 3: Join a Live CORE Group #1 Review

MODULE #2 | 100x Tools Part 2

1) Raising awareness in your circle of influence through scalable coaching model.
2) Building awareness to take unconscious bias into an objective action plan.
3) Developing empathetic listening frameworks so that you can create an environment for all voices to be heard. 

STEP 1: Watch on NAAAPtv
Session #4: 5 Circles of Influence: Getting Intentional with Key Relationships (15 min)
Session #5: Know Yourself to Lead Yourself: Key to Daily Growth & Productivity (15 min)
Session #6: Inhibition vs. Prohibition: Barriers to Growth & Productivity (15 min)
Session #7: CORE Process: Responding Well to Any Problem & Opportunity Your Leadership Voice | Bringing Your Best to the Table (15 min)

STEP 2: Join a Live Module #2 Review

STEP 3: Join a Live CORE Group #2 Review

MODULE #3 | Discovering Your Signature Leadership Voice

1) Discovering your implicit bias of your preferred leadership voice and how it is expressed through your explicit bias.
2) Distinguishing between the unconscious bias that comes from your nature versus your nurture.

STEP 1: Watch on NAAAPtv
Session #8: 5 Voices Assessment: Understanding Your Leadership Voice (60 min)

STEP 2: Join a Live Module #3 Review

STEP 3: Join a Live CORE Group #3 Review

Diverse Voice Session

• Attend one Live Diverse Voice session

Live Diverse Voice Coaching sessions are instrumental to get clarity on your natural leadership tendencies so that you can identify your unconscious biases and filtered lenses. Hear and see how others perceive you so that you can objectively engage in communication with others towards building influence and creating a psychologically safe workplace. You’ll have an opportunity to hear the diverse voices of the different people in these sessions using the 5 Voices framework. Join at least one session so you can start to fine tune your ability to hear yourself and others accurately for the first time, helping others to want to listen to what you have to say so you can grow your influence.

MODULE #4 | Diverse Leadership Insights

1) Understand how to develop your leadership voice and mitigate the explicit bias that undermine your influence.
2) Acknowledge your implicit bias and form an action plan towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

STEP 1: Watch on NAAAPtv
Session #9: 5 Voices Leadership Insights: Your Opportunities for Growth (60 min)

STEP 2: Join a Live Module #4 Review

STEP 3: Join a Live CORE Group #4 Review

MODULE #5 | Weapons and Triggers

1) Managing difficult conversations and how diverse voices respond to stress.
2) Elevating self-awareness to mitigate the triggers of diverse voices.

STEP 1: Watch on NAAAPtv
Session #10: 5 Voices Weapon System: Negative Impact When Unhealthy (35 min)
Session #11: 5 Voices Triggers: What Causes You to Use Your Weapon (30 min)

STEP 2: Join a Live Module #5 Review

STEP 3: Join a Live CORE Group #5 Review

MODULE #6 | Rules of Engagement

1) Setting rules of engagement with DEI values.
2) Engaging the art of collaboration with inclusive leadership competencies.

STEP 1: Watch on NAAAPtv
Session #12: 5 Voices Rules of Engagement: How to Thrive & Win in a Team (25 min)

STEP 2: Join a Live Module #6 Review

STEP 3: Join a Live CORE Group #6 Review

MODULE #7 | Liberating All Voices

1) Championing voices outside your own.
2) Building influential stakeholder relationships.
3) Liberating their voices to find equity at the leadership table.

STEP 1: Watch on NAAAPtv
Session #13: 5 Voices Liberation Statements: Get the Best from Self & Others (20 min)

STEP 2: Join a Live Module #7 Review

STEP 3: Join a Live CORE #7 Group Review

MODULE #8 | Intentional Leadership

1) Integrating critical inclusive leadership frameworks into core leadership competencies, so you can be an intentional versus accidental leader.
2) Roadmapping a preferred future with a scalable transformational process.

STEP 1: Watch on NAAAPtv
Session #14: 5 Voices Game-plan to Grow: Own Your Voice & Leading Yourself (15 min)

STEP 2: Join a Live Module #8 Review

STEP 3: Join a Live CORE #8 Group Review