We are a team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Our experiences range from leading innovative and award-winning cross-sector initiatives, to developing a range of leadership certification programs. With a. supportive and engaging approach, our team has expanded and trained staff, increased revenues while optimizing budgets, and help to create lasting system-wide changes. We look forward to helping you grow your organization through growing your people!

Joanne Giang

Co-Founder of Braindom LLC

Joanne Giang is the Co-Founder of Braindom LLC, helping organizations become more employee-centric through Benefits, Human Resource, and Training & Development. She brings 10 years of organizational development and management experience fringe the retail industry.

During her 8 years at IKEA, Joanne developed and implemented sustainable and effective team communication and management systems throughout the different departments of the company. She strongly believes in developing and empowering her teams to bring their unique contribution to the organization, her leadership and accomplishments were recognized on a National level: Top 3 in the US for Sales Index, #1 in US for IKEA FOOD Customer Satisfaction, and Top 5 departments throughout her store for Employee Satisfaction.

The individual and organizational impact she witnessed as a result of her leadership capabilities led her to start her own company, to help organizations achieve their next level of success by investing and make people a priority in their business model. 

Being known as the Community Connector, Joanne is always involved in various non-profit organizations and community events. She currently serves as Ambassadors President for the local Chamber of Commerce and sit on the board for a non-profit, National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), Los Angeles Chapter. Through her volunteered leadership roles, she acts as the liaison between the members and the organizations she serves.


Julie Ha Truong

Founder, Leadership Savvy

Today’s issues are complex. Tackling them requires a new level of agility and tenacity. At Leadership Savvy we know one thing remains true: it’s all about the people. It’s about building strong teams towards a shared vision.

Our consulting solutions serve as your partner in both people and business development. Whether it’s building your team, developing partnerships, or reorienting your career, gain expert insight to reach your goals.

For 20 years, Leadership Savvy founder, Julie Ha Truong, has supported hundreds of leaders in achieving real, meaningful change. 

She has led innovative and award-winning cross-sector initiatives, developed a range of leadership certificate programs, as well as coached and recruited diverse executive and emerging leaders. In each of these roles, she expanded and trained staff, doubled revenue and budgets, and created lasting systems-change. Her supportive and engaging approach makes her a welcome strategist, trainer, facilitator, and coach.

Danielle C. Lara

Founder, Danielle C. Lara

As a Leadership Coach, Danielle C. Lara, MSW primarily helps career-driven women raise their visibility and elevate their influence at work so that they can get paid, get promoted and achieve their professional goals.

Specifically, through one-on-one coaching, she helps women recognize the influence their identity, social, emotional and cultural experiences have on their ability to lead, build teams, and grow and excel in their career, all while improving their confidence, and limiting self-doubt and feelings of imposter syndrome.

By creating professional development plans and improving skills in areas such as, communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, and goal setting, her clients feel more confident, equipped and empowered to address and overcome the unique challenges they face in the workplace, as they strive to elevate their influence and activate their leadership power.

Danielle also works with organizations and leadership teams to provide team development workshops and training sessions to improve company culture and create more inclusive work communities.

Holding a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California, Danielle strives to take meaningful action in the pursuit of racial, social and economic justice and aims to promote and elevate underrepresented and historically silenced individuals, groups and communities in the workplace. She is guided by the following core values in work and in life: Equity, Service, Leadership, Justice, and Liberation.

B-Spoke, LLC

Braindom has a partnership with B-Spoke, a leadership consultant company that provides a high quality, interactive leadership development, and business growth strategy.

B-Spoke Consultants’ have over 25 years in industries such as operations, sales, coaching, and program development. They help organizations in a variety of strategies that achieve long-term and sustainable growth within the organization. By helping business leaders be more intentional with their leadership style, the organization is able to increase the capacity of their employees in productivity and profitability. From understanding the culture and business process of the organization, the consultants work alongside key leaders and team members, teaching them visual leadership tools that are both memorable and transferable, and helping them with their succession planning and organization clarity.

Through their experience with a global leadership consultancy called GiANT Worldwide, they have worked with Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Fortune 500 companies, like Google and Experian, to create a cohesive plan that is simple, sustainable, and scalable to meet the needs of their team and organization.

B-Spoke believes that if education provides people a job, then leadership training provides a career. In their initiative to empower more Asian American leaders, B-Spoke have offered a similar transformational experience through the National Association of Asian American Professional, a non-profit, 501(c)(3). National Association of Asian American Professional is an all-volunteer, Pan-Asian American professional organization that promotes career advancement and leadership development.