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You will have access to 450 global coaches and consultants! GiANT Experts will be your guide through your path. Your leadership landscape will become clearer and your trek will be easier with a guide.

Joanne Giang

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Maria Guy

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Abraham Gin

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Dan Deeble

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Do the following 3 steps to start your new journey!

Step 1: Apply for Giant Team

Schedule an appointment with HQ to see if this is a good fit. Let them know that you are joining Joanne Giang’s Team.

Step 2: Watch This Video

Listen to HQ share our heart for the training process for GiANT Guide Certification

Step 3: Read the Giant Team PDF Overview

Discover the benefits and process of a global family of consultants become GiANT Guide certified.

What’s next after the 3 steps?