Do you know what influences an organization’s culture the most? It’s leadership!

There’s no better person or group of professionals other than the leaders who can influence an organization’s culture. But, the question is how leaders can influence their organization’s culture. True leadership is always self-aware about themselves, and that’s how an influential leader reflect organization’s culture.

Let’s talk about a few ways that leaders can use to influence their organization’s culture.

  • Being an intentional leader helps in influencing your organization’s culture

If you want to become an influential leader, then try being more intentional. It would result in making it easier for your employees to understand the motive & intent behind your actions. You’ll be able to deliver a clear message by being more intentional.

As a leader, you need to make things very clear and easily understandable for your employees without leaving any guesswork. Take a moment and reflect whether your employees see a true passionate worker in you or they perceive you as a person who is just running out the clock at work.

If your actions are intentional and clear and align with your “mission statement,” then you’re more likely to influence your organization’s culture.

  • Spread your vision among employees and make it collaborative

Influential leaders reflect organization’s culture by sharing a vision with employees and by making it a collaborative vision. Leaders who share their near-future & long-term vision with their employees, along with the most-likely challenges – can buy-in employees’ engagement & motivation. The next step is to make your vision collaborative and make it consumable for as many people as possible. Make sure your vision is easily relatable for your employees so they can perceive themselves as an integral part of the company. When devising a strategy, include as many representatives as possible in your decision-making process.

  • Inspire your employees and lead by examples

It is always said that great leaders always lead by example, and there’s nothing to deny in it. One great way to influence your organization’s culture is by becoming an inspiring leader.

Inspiring leaders are not afraid of failures, and they talk openly about failures. It helps to take risks and become a leader who set examples for their employees. As a leader, provoke new ways of thinking in your employees and experiment fearlessly.

  • Be a dependable worker

Influential leaders reflect organization’s culture by becoming a dependable worker in the first place. To foster trust among their employees, leaders should be reliable, so your employees know that they can count on you upon meeting a distinctive challenge. Lead them by examples, so they perceive you as a dependable worker other than an influential leader.

  • Communicate precisely

There’s no denying the fact that communication is the key to influence an organization’s culture. Make sure that as a manager or leader, your employees are well-aware of your message. You can do this by adopting effective communication skills and the most suitable communication channel. Be clear about your expectations and make sure to speak respectfully and empathetically with your employees so they feel being valued and a true asset of the organization.