The pandemic has led to a massive layoff. Millions of employees worldwide have lost their jobs, and millions of others are expecting to be laid off. In this tough time, leaders of companies are facing one of the biggest challenges of their lives. Leadership needs to showcase their standout qualities in this challenging time to show empathy towards their employees. This would help companies to achieve the loyalty of their employees.

Let’s talk about the importance of leadership to create loyalty and steps required from human resource and leadership team to guide a safe work environment.

How can leadership inspire loyalty in employees?

  • Communication is crucial

Employees understand that companies are facing a big challenge, and they’ve no other way than going towards layoff. However, leadership should adhere to their employees by communicating with them throughout this time to ensure that employees don’t feel left alone.

Once we’ll get through this pandemic and things start getting back to normal, companies would need these employees, and communicating with them regularly & empathetically is the only way to inspire loyalty in them. 

Effective leaders are certainly aware of this situation, and they’re adopting an effective communication channel to stay in touch with their employees. 

  • Create a safe workplace environment for employees

Safety & protection from Covid-19 is the first & foremost requirement of everyone. While companies are re-opening and resuming their operations, ensuring the best possible work environment should be the number one priority of leaders. Company owners should ensure that sufficient education is delivered to human resource and leadership team to guide a safe work environment.

If human resources and leadership fail to ensure a safe work environment for their employees, then expecting loyalty from employees is not the best of expectations. Leadership and human resource must ensure that all the safety measures against coronavirus are put in place to protect employees from being infected. This will inspire loyalty in your employees.

  • Leadership should trust employees

Employees are more likely to be loyal to their companies when leaders trust employees and show it as well. In this crisis, leaders should push employees out of their comfort zone and support them by showing trust in them. When leaders show confidence in their employees, then employees take on challenges with more passion and do not fear risk failure. 

Leadership should assign critical tasks to employees and ensure that leadership is backing them fully. Employees will certainly feel being-valued and respected by the leadership, which will inspire loyalty in them.

  • Show interest in their lives

Leaders who inspire loyalty in employees have one thing in common, which is the wealth of information about each employee. If you want to make your employees loyal, then show empathy towards them in this crisis and take good care of them. You can do this by showing genuine interest in their interests and hobbies. Leaders should be aware of an employee’s emotional state and must act accordingly. In a nutshell, leaders should know their employees as people as well to cultivate loyalty in them.