Hosting Effective Meetings and Team Culture

Hosting Effective Meetings & Team Culture

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Meetings, meetings, meetings! How many of us have too many meetings? Or have meetings that just aren’t efficient or effective? Meetings are the biggest strain on resources. How can we leverage meetings to meet our goals and boost team culture? This seminar will equip you to lead effective meetings. Walk away with specific strategies for running meetings well, from preparation to execution, to follow up. Learn how to improve your facilitation skills and bring out the best of your team by leveraging your meetings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Steps for effective planning
  • Setting expectations and ground rules
  • Agendas and alternatives
  • Facilitating skills and people management

For 20 years, Julie Ha Truong, has supported thousands of leaders in achieving real, meaningful change. She’s all about helping people find and rock their savvy. Julie brings experience in public and private sectors. Focusing on business strategy, teams & partnerships, recruiting and leadership development. Her engaging, honest, and practical approaches make her a welcome strategist, consultant, trainer, and coach. Julie has a MPP in Management and Leadership and is a professionally trained coach.

Learn more about Julie at or follow her live/work off-road adventures on Instagram @juliehatruong.

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Jul 20 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm