From Business Plan to Successful Implementation

From Business Plans to Successful Implementation

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Having a plan is only half the equation. Implementing the plan is where teams often fall short. This seminar will walk through business planning with a focus on team buy-in and successful execution. Truth is, as leaders, we can’t meet our goals alone. This session will show you how to leverage planning tools to motivate your team towards shared goals and clear action. We’ll share some real-world examples as well as a planning tool for you to use with your team. Walk away equipped to work smarter – with others!

Key topics we’ll discuss:

  • Building a plan that works: bridging strategy with implementation
  • Delegation and accountability: structure for effective communication
  • Group dynamics: managing people, meetings, and inclusive culture building

For 20 years, Leadership Savvy founder, Julie Ha Truong, has supported thousands of leaders in achieving real, meaningful change. She has led innovative cross sector initiatives, leadership institutes, strategy consulting projects, as well as coached and recruited diverse executive and emerging leaders. Under her leadership, she expanded and trained staff, doubled revenue, managed budgets, and created lasting systems-change. Previously Ms. Truong built an award-winning Capacity Building Program, strengthening organizations through collaborations, training, and grant-making. She also directed a successful education reform and community development project with over 100 public, private, and government partnerships. Julie is a professionally trained coach and has a Masters of Public Policy in Management and Leadership.

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Apr 21 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm