Self-development is an endless work. Since the world has slowed down, we are able to work on ourselves to become better leaders, spouse, parent, and community leaders. Our team is learning to be more patient and understanding of each other’s challenges with working from home. There is an open dialogue amongst the team to support each other and stay present with the community we serve.

We complete quarterly assessment with the team to help everyone recalibrate and refocus on the necessary areas. We reflect on the influence and the impact we have made in the last quarter, starting with ourselves to our families, our team, and the community. Then we ask ourselves, ‘How can we improve to empower more people around us?’. Everyday, we practice to be intentional with our communication and actions.

We learned that we naturally support each other and it takes intentional efforts to challenge each other to be the highest possible leader. Sometimes it takes more thought-planning to ask the difficult questions because we do not want to create tension or conflict. Through an open dialogue, we understand that by asking difficult questions and providing timely feedback for improvement, it will contribute to a synergy environment and help people become more liberators. We are doing a disservice to the people we work with if we are not challenging them to be the highest possible leader they can be.

No one is a mind-reader, so open communication has helped Braindom minimize frustration and optimize potential growth.