Braindom view challenges as opportunities, a chance to fail and to learn new things.

Due to the world slowing down, this is an opportunity to enhance leadership skills and personal developments. With the number of distractions and increase in social media usage, a strong internal mind and consistent habits can help a person stay focus and engaged.

Although the current situation have adjusted the daily habits for most people, the strong internal motivation will adapt to the situation and seize the opportunity to be more efficient with time.

As Braindom shifts the focus and energy from in-person relationships to virtual relationships, this is a great opportunity to reach more people, globally. Once the vision was clear to the entire team, the creativity of ‘how’ came out naturally for the group. From the office staff to the coaches and mentors, each person contributes to the overall vision of, help people through helping ourselves. By being more aware of our thoughts, actions, and trigger moments, we are able to recharge before it happens, refocus to be objective, and reflect on the root cause of the triggered moment.

The work environment is more efficient and effective when we are aware of how to be more conscious of our thoughts and reactions. For example, the “Safer At Home” order is difficult for extroverts because they require the human interaction, everyone else eventually. From the understanding that the extorter is not doing well during the “Safer At Home” order, the extrovert can find ways to adjust, such as ‘Happy Hour Friday’ or play digital games with friends. As for the people working with the extorter, they may be a little more understanding in regards to communication and interaction.

Learning how to be intentional with ourselves and with ours, we learn how to embrace, adapt, learn, and thrive through the storm together, stronger as one.