Currently, the whole world is going through one of the toughest economic crises. Covid-19 has not only disrupted the health of people but their businesses as well.

In times like these, businesses demand innovation from the organizational leaders. Success awaits those leaders who assess the situation, adapt, and pivot their businesses.

As Charles Darwin says, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

Regardless of the scale of change, the right person always respond to change by adapting well.

Here, we’ll discuss why leaders need to introduce innovation, lead with the heart, and act with the mind.

Leaders should bring innovation

In times like these, when every business is required to adapt and pivot, innovation is the only way forward. Organizational leadership is the one responsible for bringing innovation to their businesses.

A company’s response to the current crisis should be handle by innovating and adopting a fresh solution that can enable the resumption of services. Let’s assume a food chain is running out of business due to Covid-19. To provide stability to the business, leadership should design a process that would enable the consumers to order online.

To learn how to adapt and innovate, leaders can ask for professional guidiance about innovation and leading an organization in a crisis.

Leaders need to lead with the heart

Inarguably, compassion is the need of the hour. With businesses going down, a huge number of employees are laid off from their jobs or furloughed. They are the ones who need confidence and support from the leadership.

To manage such a crisis effectively, leaders need to lead with the heart. If a company seek high-performance from its employees, leaders should be more understanding of individual personal challenges and how to create a safe place for them to feel liberated. It’s undeniable that heart-led leadership builds trust and becomes the leader worth following. Such companies that thrive on heart-led leadership receive optimal performance from their employees.

Now is the time that leaders should learn the art of leading with the heart first and use their head for reasoning. Today, businesses need new perspectives to sustain in the current global economy.

Act with the mind

Today, new normals are replacing traditional working models. The perfect blend of leading with the heart & acting with the mind is the need of the hour. Leaders shouldn’t only be sincerely empathetic and compassionate; they also need to reason and act on organizational culture and values. This combination would help them support their employees and simultaneously protect the organization’s financial performance.

Being compassionate and rational enables the leadership to liberate its employees and thrive in a crisis.

Understandably, the crisis like the one we’re going through now is new to the majority of organizational leaders around the world. Hence, they need training from experts to learn the art of innovating in a crisis, leading with the heart and simultaneously acting ethically to achieve the organization vision and meaningful impact to the community.