We imagine organizations to be the place people choose to grow their unique talents with. 

Executives and Directors

Increase self-awareness to create a safe and inclusive workplace for everyone to bring their diverse talents.

Supervisors and Managers

Increase self-awareness to lead others to utilize their unique talents in collaboration.

Affinity Groups

Increase self-awareness for more minority representation at the Senior, Executive, and Director levels.

Team Members

Increase self-awareness of unique talents of all voices through an objective lens.

People Operating System works for your organization…

  • …to be genuine and a safe place for ALL voices to bring their unique best and diverse talents
  • …to build relationships with people that can take the team/organization to the next level
  • …to take care of people and resources to be good stewards
  • …to increase employee engagement

Using GiANT’s data-driven system and proven process, our team of certified consultants are with you every step of the way. The simple and repeatable processes are the ways to have consistently high-performing teams and a healthy workplace culture. 

From your team’s assessment, we will work with you to discover your team’s dynamics and assess five key areas that indicate the health and performance of a team or organization. Your quarterly team’s assessment will show the areas of improvements and next area of focus.

  • Does everyone have communication skills that are healthy and effective?
  • Does everyone have the necessary trust and psychological safety to fully support and challenge one another?
  • Does everyone have clarity of the organization’s vision and how they contribute to it?
  • Does everyone maximize their potential and work productively towards achieving the organization’s goals?
  • Is everyone in the right role and position to achieve the organization’s goals?

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